Standard 5 Links

Language Arts

1.) Starfall
2.) ReadWriteThink - Create a Word Bank
3.) Hooked on Phonics - Videos


1.) Hoodamath Games

Unit of Inquiry

Where We Are in Place and Time: The Changing Earth - Magazine for Children - search Natural Disasters to get articles on from around the world.

Who We Are: Children's Rights - UNICEF Website for India - UNICEF Website for Canada. Activities for Students - List of Children's Rights - Quiz on Children's Rights - Free the Children - Lesson Plans - Ryan's Well. A story about a 9 year old Canadian who raised enough money to build clean water wells in Africa.

How We Express Ourselves: The Power of Art

1.) Video - Creating a Watercolour Painting
2.) Video - Creating an Acrylic Painting
3.) Video - Drawing a Cartoon Cat
4.) Video - Ballet
5.) Video - Jazz
6.) Video - Hip Hop
7.) Video - Bharatanatyam Dance
8.) Video - Music as an art

How We Organize Ourselves: The Marketplace

1.) The Market Place - Very geared towards the USA, but may have some information and ideas to help teach the unit.
2.) Tea production
3.) Tea factory in Sri Lanka
4.) Coca Cola Assembly Line
5.) Lego Assembly Line

How The World Works: Global Exploration, the Unknown - Space - NASA - exploration - Video - living in space - Planets - NASA Kids Club - games - Articles on Space

Sharing The Planet: Balance and Sustainability

1.) What is an Ecosystem
2.) Exploring Ecosystems - Geared towards the USA - but some helpful information
3.) Some project ideas for your lesson plans
4.) Human Impact on Ecosystems - Information for Lessons