Standard 6 Links

Language Arts

1.) Starfall
2.) ReadWriteThink - Create Word Banks
3.) Hooked on Phonics Videos


1.) Hoodamath Games

Unit of Inquiry

Who We Are: Personal Well Being

It's My Life - Web Page Lesson Ideas
It's my Life - Solo Sport Journal Page
It's my Life - Team Sport Journal Page
You Tube Video - Positive Affirmations
You Tube - Be Polite - Social Behaviours

Where We Are In Place and Time: Exploration

1.) PBS - Mogul Empire - Lesson Plans, Videos, resources
2.) PBS - India Discovery Time Line
3.) PBS - Roman Empire - Lesson Plans, Videos, resources

How We Express Ourselves: Forms of Communication

1.) A Lesson Plan with some activities that could open up the unit on Communication

How We Organize Ourselves: Systems of Government

1.)A Look at Different Types of Government around the World
2.)BBC Types of Government

How The World Works: Electricity

1.) Bill Nye the Science Guy Video

Sharing The Planet: Conflict Resolution