Standard 2 LINKS


1.) StarFall
2.) CyberKidz
3.) Construct a Word
4.) What's in the Bag?
5.) Vowel Sounds
6.) Instructions to help teach three letter words, consonant blends and sight words
7.) Video, blending sounds - click on the 109 videos button beside the hooked on phonic title and you can choose other letter sounds

Alphabet Letter Sounds

c) ABC Match


1.) CyberKidz
2.) Cram Web (addition, subtraction, multiply and divide practice)
3.) Math Games
4.) Learning to Tell the Time - Time Monsters
5.) Fun Brain - Measure
8.) Fractions

Unit of Inquiry

Who We Are: People Who Help Us in the Community

1.) Who's at the Door?
2.) People at Work Song - Song
3.) People Who Help Us in the Community

Sharing The Planet: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Video on garbage and recylcing

1.) The Recycling Game
2.) Follow the Recyclables
3.) Hazardous Waste

How We Express Ourselves: Communication: Signs and Symbols

Braille Images

1.) Recognized International Signs and Symbols
2.) Downloadable posters for the classroom
3.) Writing Braille

Where We Are in Place and Time: Home Country

1.) Map of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states
2.) Tourist Website of India - showing foods, attractions of each state
3.) Kerala
4.) Kanataka
5.) Andra Pradesh
6.) Tamil Nadu

How The World Works: Solids, Liquids and Gases

1.) Short Videos on Solids, Liquids, Gases
2.) Video on Solids, Liquids and Gases
3.) A game to sort solids, liquids and gases, don't have to play - but can create your own on chart and have them sort.
4.) Sorting Liquids, Solids, Gases - to work on together as a class
5.) Sorting Activity Flash Cards - Draw pictures with these - use for sorting game
6.) Melting Experiment
7.) Evaporation Experiment
8.) Blowing Bubbles Experiment
9.) Bubbles Experiment - take some ideas from this and simplify

1.) Liquids, Solids, Gas - Song

How We Organize Ourselves: How Banks Work


Money Systems in the Classroom:
2.) Different Currenices - Images
3.) Indian Rupee - Images